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What is my digital footprint?

When you use social media, you leave a trail of online activity – which makes up your social score and digital footprint. The activities you conduct on social networking sites can be traced back to you to determine how you appear as a person, an employee and a borrower.

Harmony Tag will help you through the various elements that make up your digital footprint, helping you comprehend how your social score changes with every action you take.

Make a positive difference today with your FREE 7-day trial. Then pay £39.20 every month afterwards. You may cancel at any point, with no consequences.

Harmony Tag Features

Your digital footprint summary

Get a comprehensive overview on your social score here, including how it is split up into positives and negatives. Find out how your score is calculated, how it affects you, and what you can do to change it for the better.

Your social networking personality

See yourself through the eyes of those who communicate with you on social media. Harmony Tag looks at the major five personality traits, what you say, and who you interact with, this is done to build a better picture of how you appear to others online and how this impacts your social score.

Social score improvement

Get a higher score with the our help. Complete the listed tasks on your profiles on social media. Tick them as complete and you will find your social footprint improved more and more with every step.

Social guides

Learn to control your social footprint and start boosting your social score right now. Our expert guides will teach you to make the most out of social media.

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