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Stock Market Trading is dependent on three key parameters strategy, risk management and discipline. These skills can be acquired through experience over a period of time. New and average traders lack these skills and loose in stock market. They blame the market for its own failure. Stock market trading is more psychological than just a method.

We as a stock market tips provider help the novice and average trader in making profitable trade in the stock market. We have an experienced research team who have a vast knowledge in intraday trading. We give high quality share market tips service to our client who just has to execute trade on our call and make big return on investment. If you want to do discipline and tension free trading subscribe to our best share market tips service. 

Why CapitalMagnify

Experienced Research Analyst

We have a very highly qualified Technical research analyst team, headed by CMT qualified research analyst , which is regarded as gold standard in Technical Analyst certification, worldwide. He is having more than 10 years of experience in tracking stock market. 

High Accuracy Stock recommendation

We have consistently maintained high accuracy of calls across all product. We believe  quality of calls rather than quantity of calls determine profitability of product, Our analyst keeps track of global market movement and study its inter relationship with our market to generate profitable stock tips.

Short Term & Intraday service

In our bouquet of service, we have services to offer all kinds of trader or investor be it intraday, positional or swing trader.

Suitable Offering

We do risk profiling of our client before offering our services. We understand  your financial status, risk appetite and investment goal to offer you suitable product, as every products have different risk and investment objective.

Handholding support

We are there for you in your journey of wealth creation. We strive hard to achieve your financial goal. We give you our best service and educate you about the stock market. For our HNI clients we give customized service, tailor made to meet his expected return on investment.

Get rid of emotional trading? Trade on our backtested system based call.

To become a successful stock trader one needs to find an edge in the market. When we say edge we mean discovering profitable trading strategy through research from past trading record. Then you back test that strategy to understand if it is successful in the long run.

 We at Capitalmagnify have discovered our own successful trading strategy which we use to generate stock tips for our client. Following our strategy we have consistently given high accuracy stock market tips to our client. If you want to do systems based trading then join us to get best share market tips.

Trading in market, but not able to make profit ?

Popular Services

Stock Cash

This is a basic product in the intraday equity stock category. As this is an intraday product, trades will be squared off before market close, it gives protection from overnight market risk. Ideal for full time traders only. This is a low risk product.   click here

Stock Future

This is a basic product in the intraday stock future segment. As this is an intraday product, trades will be squared off before market close, it gives protection from overnight market risk. Ideal for full time traders only.  click here


This product has been designed to take advantage of daily momentum in stocks. Call is given every day and it is squared off the next day. Ideal for part time traders who don’t have to track market whole day. click here


We believe every trader/investor is unique in his investment goal. Each one of you have different investment goal, risk appetite, risk capital and investment horizon. We understand your unique situation,  (782) 442-9013

We help you make better investment and trading decision.

Risk Disclosure

•Investment in stocks is subject to market risk.

•We do not guarantee that the profit objective of our services will be achieved.

•It is advisable to trade in market securities only with surplus capital, money you can afford to loose without harming your financial health.

•All our recommendations are based on technical research analysis only.

•We do not have any business associates or organizations who offer stock recommendation service on our behalf.