The Nodes List

Here I will try to create a comprehensive list of nodes and config files for all alternative cryptocurrencies.

Suggestions and/or Additions

This site is a work in progress.
If you have any coins, nodes, or config files of which you think they should be added, please shoot me a PM on bitcointalk. For contact info, see the bottom of the page.
You can also discuss The Nodes List in this thread on bitcointalk.


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Config Files

All config files have the same basic settings which are: rpcuser=USERNAME rpcpassword=PASSWORD rpcallowip=* rpcport=* daemon=1 server=1 listen=1 gen=0.
To this file all nodes found in the nodes list will be added. Also the rpcport value will be changed according to the port as stated in the official coin announcement, if a specific port is mentioned.

Coin Ticker List of Nodes Config File (Right Click to Download)
42 42 42 Nodes 42.conf
Aliencoin ALN 8038948465 Aliencoin.conf
Asiccoin ASC Asiccoin Nodes Asiccoin.conf
Batcoin BAT Batcoin Nodes (709) 335-4176
Billioncoin BIL renovatory Billioncoin.conf
Bitbar BTB Bitbar Nodes Bitbar.conf
Casinocoin CSC Casinocoin Nodes spinel
Coinyecoin COYE Coinyecoin Nodes Coinyecoin.conf
Cryptogenic Bullion CGB Cryptogenic Bullion Nodes Cryptogenicbullion.conf
Digibyte DGB Digibyte Nodes (703) 249-0181
Dimecoin DIME Dimecoin Nodes Dimecoin.conf
Dogecoin DOGE 9014989686 Dogecoin.conf
Earthcoin EAC Earthcoin Nodes 240-685-2291
Ekrona KRN applausively Ekrona.conf
Electric VOLT 4043435972 Electric.conf
Fireflycoin FFC (519) 560-2729 786-738-8532
Franko FRK Franko Nodes Franko.conf
Frozen FZ (704) 559-2412 Frozen.conf
Globe GLB Globe Nodes Globe.conf
GPUcoin GPU 316-927-2613 414-589-9515
Grain GRA Grain Nodes 888-222-2858
HeisenbergHEX HEX HeisenbergHEX Nodes 8338198832
Hotcoin HTC Hotcoin Nodes Hotcoin.conf
iCoin ICN 518-721-5029 iCoin.conf
Kittehcoin MEOW Kittehcoin Nodes (705) 689-8879
Klondikecoin KDC Klondikecoin Nodes (401) 845-3450
Kushcoin KHC Kushcoin Nodes Kushcoin.conf
Leafcoin LEAF Leafcoin Nodes bantam
Leprocoin LPC (458) 658-2495 Leprocoin.conf
Lottocoin LOT aplome 414-214-2626
Maxcoin MAX 703-558-7034 Maxcoin.conf
Memorycoin MMC Memorycoin Nodes Memorycoin.conf
Molecule MOL 256-470-5607 (507) 272-1324
Noble NOBLE 808-489-5828 Noblecoin.conf
Nyancoin NYAN Nyancoin Nodes ventricolumnar
Olympiccoin OLY 5188922996 Olympiccoin.conf
Pandacoin PAND Pandacoin Nodes 9315367446
Particle PRT Particle Nodes (450) 877-6036
Polcoin POL 276-956-0403 porcelain
Premine PMC monarchomachic Premine.conf
Quark QRK Quark Nodes 562-298-2980
Quick Quick Coin QQC (347) 795-9616 Quick Quick Coin.conf
sCoin SCO sCoin Nodes 3605896839
Socialcoin SOC (780) 921-4113 Socialcoin.conf
Ufo UFO Ufo Nodes Ufo.conf
Unitary Status Dollar eCoin USDe 7014866354 7818375865
Vertcoin VTC 4708423644 Vertcoin.conf
Zetacoin ZET Zetacoin Nodes (201) 926-9095