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ChaveTech was formed since August 4th, 2017 in Boston. Core members are coming from alumni of Boston University, Northeastern University, Otago University of New Zealand, and Pekin University. Since the day on the starting line, we are keeping pursuing our mission “Wisdom Doctor, Benefit People”. Our initial intent is to bring or apply advanced information technology into health care, especially, focus on the rising up primary care market in China mainland. We are trying to bring a global version to ChaveTech project, to relocate international resources that are from the United States/Canada/New Zealand back to the Chinese market and vice versa.

We are doing a project called “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System”. It’s a SaaS to provide an online one-stop solution for Chinese primary care physicians. This cloud-based working system includes 3 sub-function units: EHR and clinic management system; Decision-making support system; and Online continued medical education system. All of them are Chinese family physician-centered. This project won the excellent winning prize of the 12th “ChunhuiCup”, which jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. This helps us received invitation letters from around 20 Chinese cities’ economic development zone, some offering great policies and related support to attract us to stay there.


Product & Service

We understand Chinese Primary Care Physicians' real needs.​

Online Working System

Assist Chinese general practitioners to build up patient-centered electronic health record, so that help them to participate in patients’ life cycle health management and medical interventions.

Make GPs to complete their diagnosis and treatment process accurately and efficiently through standardized, streamlined, systematized, and intelligent operation guidance.

Connect with intelligent medical decision-making support instantly during diagnosis process, to reduce misdiagnosis rate and missed diagnosis rate.

Upload comprehensive integrated patient health record to superior hospital after making referral, to provide fully primary care support and to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis of specialist physician in superior hospital.


Medical Decision-Making Support

Act as Chinese general practitioner’s online assistant, to provide instant intelligent support during GPs diagnosis and prescription procedure.

Reduce misdiagnosis rate and missed diagnosis rate through official standard clinic pathway and drug information.

Improve primary care physician clinical practice confidence, helping them reassure patients.

Implement the concept of Consumer Health Information, to help GPs engaging patients participate in self-health management.


Continued Medical Education

Provide Chinese GPs family physician-centered online course and online test, they can select proper subject depend on their own clinical practice experiences, to improve their level of diagnosis and treatment practice.

Cooperating with global primary care education resources, all the speakers and courses contents come from non-profit family physician organizations, medical school, experienced licensed family doctors, etc. in China, United States, and Canada.


Clinic Consultant Service

Assist Chinese GPs to manage and operate their own clinics by offering clinic running report, financial report, data analysis report, employee KPI report, etc.

Provide primary care clinic operation solutions, which include business model, profit model, service mode, location selection, interior design, medical device selection, fundraising, etc.

Referral GPs special needs patients to the Tertiary A Level Hospitals located in Beijing, or professional medical organizations with high reputation in the Great Boston Area through the help of our professional health care management team partners.


117 Test Users​


216 Positive Feedbacks​

2 + 1

2+1 Clinic Beta Users​


3 Global Sites​


13 Cities Field Investigation​


Our team.

We are Professional, Earnest, Pragmatic, and full of Passion!
Sean Liu

Founder & CEO

Ellen Hu


Jimmy Jin​

Chief Medical Officer​

Chang Liu

Lead Developer

Xiaoyue Wang

Software Engineer

Sean.Liu (Founder & CEO)

  • Alumni of University of Otago, New Zealand (Bachelor, Pharmacology and Biochemistry double major)
  • Alumni of Boston University, United States of America (Master, Computer Information System)

Sean is the Founder and CEO of ChaveTech. He was an electronic health record (EHR) industry practitioners in the United States. He has solid knowledge of EHR system functions, standards, maintenance, user requirements, and technical path. Before that, Sean has five years of studying and two years of working experiences in the pharmaceutical industry in New Zealand; one year’s operation and management experience in a local medical device company in Beijing. Depends on his multi-country life and work experiences, plus extensive knowledge and working experiences in data analysis, business research, pharmaceutical, and full-stack development. Sean is responsible for the business operation, product development, and docking medical resources between China and the United States.


Ellen.Hu (Co-Founder)

  • Alumni of Normal University, ShangHai, China (Bachelor, Advertising)
  • Alumni of Northeastern University, United States of America (Master, Project Management)

Ellen is the Co-founder of ChaveTech. She has four years of working experiences in international cosmetics and luxury brands marketing industry in Shanghai. She led her team to work with a variety of high-end brand marketing teams (such as Dior, Benefit, Clarins, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Chanel, Clinique, LensCrafters, Loewe, etc.) in Greater-China Area; helped her brand clients to build up and promote their brand image in China mainland. She gained high reputation with her professional marketing and customer relationship management skills from her Fortune global 500 companies clients. Ellen takes charge of marketing, branding, customer relationship management and project management in ChaveTech.


Jimmy Jin (Chief Medical Officer)

  • Alumni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China (MD)
  • Alumni of University of Otago, New Zealand (P.h.D. of Medicine)

Jimmy Jin is the Chief Medical Officer of ChaveTech Team. He once served as a physician at Ruijin Hospital in Shanghai, and now serves as a resident physician in the department of pathology at Northwell Health, the largest medical group in New York. In 2020, Jimmy will start his training program in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. His research direction is the application of biomarkers in tumor and cardiovascular diseases, and he has published many international academic journal papers. Jimmy and his family run five primary care clinics in New York City. He is responsible for medical resources consultant, local primary care and second medical opinion resource docking in the United States.


Chang Liu (Lead Developer)

  • Alumni of Johnson & Wales University, United States of America (MBA)
  • Alumni of Boston University, United States of America (Master, Computer Science)

Chang is the Technic Consultant of ChaveTech. He has massive working experiences in structuring, developing and implementing interactive website; Plus, implies cutting-edge technologies for building desktop and mobile web applications. His solid knowledge and abundant practice of JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, Node.js, MySQL, and NoSQL, etc. make him as a qualified Technology Consultant in ChaveTech.


Xiaoyue Wang (Software Engineer)

  • Alumni of Pekin University, China (Bachelor, Computer System)
  • Alumni of Boston University, United States of America (Master, Computer Science)

Xiaoyue is the Software Engineer of ChaveTech. She has solid knowledge and massive practice of C++, Matlab, Python, JavaScript, Veujs, HTML, CSS, etc. Meanwhile, her three years’ research experience in machine learning field gives her multiple perspectives to help developing our own medical Internet product.


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

The core team is a comprehensive talent team that understands both information technology and health care. We are a team with global vision and open mind, meanwhile be pragmatic and be earnest. Team members have both academic background and industry practical experience in multi-disciplinary: computer information system, clinical medicine, data analysis, artificial intelligence, pharmacology and biochemistry, clinic chain operation, marketing and branding, customer relationship management in China, the United States, and New Zealand.


Tons of field investigations, industrial stakeholder forums and face-to-face interviews with local health commissions, secondary levels hospitals, local primary care clinics, private clinics, non-profit primary care associations, professional general practice teams, health care management teams for marketing research and real user requirements in 13 cities and last for 18 months. 6 months product development with the team cooperation between the team in China and in the United States. 3 months testing with 117 users and 216 positive feedbacks within 2 months.


This cloud-based working system is fully developed depends on Chinese primary care physicians’ real needs in their real world scenarios. Our database is developed independently, and all the data resources come from National Health Commission and CFDA, which improve the security and the reliability of the database. Health record management is developed depends on the theory of PCMH; the EHR system is proceed based on the international standard of SOAP Note; the digital prescription is generated by the requirements of Ministry of Health China.


Boston: Tech Team & Health Care Team

Beijing: Operation and Maintenance Team

New York City: Medical Consultant Team

Ottawa: Mental health and counseling Researcher

National Awards

Our project won the excellent winning prize of the 12th “ChunhuiCup”, which jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. This helps us received invitation letters from around 20 Chinese cities’ economic development zone.

This project landed in the Overseas Students Pioneer Park.

Professional Consultants

Researcher of the China State Council Development Research Center; Health management expert; Clinic chain manager in the United Sates and in China mainland; Professor of Questrom School of Business Boston University; Professor of Metropolitan College Boston University; Professor of School of Medicine Boston University; Artificial intelligent expert from Harvard University; Lab Manager from MGH; Board member of primary care physician association.



We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

My clinic has been operated for two years. During last two years, I tried out four paid clinic management system, neither of them has complete function what I need. Their system interfaces are not user friendly, and is not convenient for me to finish all my workflow.

This cloud based online working system “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” has the most practical function for me, because it is really solving my needs online to manage each link of my clinic. Not only our two primary doctors think that is quite handy, the clinic data analysis report also helps me better to manage the clinic and operate the clinic, which is fantastic!

Jingsheng District Private Primary Care Clinic

Deyang City, Sichuan Province, China

The decision-making support unit of “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” is awesome! Those primary care doctors participate in our clinic are assigned by the superior hospital. They are new graduates from medical school; most of them barely have clinical practice experiences. They are here to help with patients and to build up clinical practice gradually for themselves. The decision-making support system of Zhiyihuimin can definitely support our young primary care physicians to review standard clinical pathways released by the National Health Commission instantly. Which means those info resources is solid and reliable. That absolutely helps them a lot!

Xicheng District Public Health Clinic

Beijing, China

Thank you for bringing this excellent primary care project into our Ling County. Our local primary care physician team are using two working software. One is commanded by the Provincial National Health Commission, which is used by recording social security and medical insurance information of patients. The other is commanded by superior hospital, which is used by building up patient health records and doing prescription. But, neither of them has the function of clinic management, or decision-making support. 

Our leadership team learned about some foreign advanced clinical practice experience when we went to other cities for training and workshops. However, as following the orders of the superior hospital, the local public primary care clinic are only allowed to choose medical guidelines released by the National Health Commission. So, this “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” definitely suits well here. This online working system can help us to improve accuracy, efficiency and service quality of our daily work; to reduce our misdiagnosis rate and missed diagnosis rate. Meanwhile, to reduce the work pressure of our primary care physician team by engaging patients participate in self-health management. I must say, that is terrific!

Lingcheng District Local Primary Care Physician Team

Dezhou City, Shandong Province, China

Thank you for inviting me testing the “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System”. I have to say, it’s really my pleasure to be your beta user, because I found myself already get used to it since the first day I was in testing process.

Nowadays, the central government and health department encourage licensed doctors to participate clinical practice on multi sites. So, I’m preparing for my own primary care clinic now. Although I have been a licensed doctor in the medical system for ten years, I’m still interested in information technology industry, and I always doing some study about how dose tech apply into health care. This Zhiyihuimin system is quite user-friendly. The whole operation workflow is simple and easy to catch. The waterfall flow design helps me to finish my work standardized and streamlined, that save a lot of time. It seems that this system development team has thoroughly understanding of the general practitioners’ real needs, and I can feel their attitude about paying attention to details. Thumb up!

Internal Medicine Physician of West China Hospital

Chendu City, Sichuan Province, China

I do like the function that recommend the drug information which released by CFDA instantly when the doctor doing prescription.

We have been participated in resident program of the hospital since we graduated from medical school two years ago. As you can see, us young physicians don’t have much clinical experience on each specialty for each kind of patients, especially, how to do prescription accurately and properly. The “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” provides us the official crucial dug information, which includes precaution, dosage, adverse effect, etc., during our prescription procedure. By using this function, the doctors like us can do prescription pretty well, and the pharmacist can check or monitor the prescription conveniently. This is really practical and thoughtful.

I would like to share this system to my junior schoolmates at Chinese Medical University. Helping others will benefit ourselves as well.

Resident of The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China

Looking forward to the continued medical education unit released very much!

The two primary care physicians in our clinic are both in senior age. They came to this clinic after they got officially retirement. Obviously, they are quite experienced. However, they are not familiar with prevailing clinical practice methods and their medical knowledge structures are not in edge. They barely have opportunities to get continue medical education. To be honest, if the clinic takes responsibility to pay for their training, that will cost quite a lot. So, I’m looking forward to have them get their CME online and in-house. I do hope the “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” could release the CME unit by providing high quality online courses, and that would reduce my clinic financial burden greatly!

Fuliwan Clinic

Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

Digital prescription function in the “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” is quite thoughtful.

It is not only meets the requirements of the Chinese Ministry of Health, but also makes doctors feel friendly. Meanwhile, from the clinic management perspective, intelligent recommendation function can help clinic manager to choose the medicine and control the drug cost properly.

Alumni of Southern Medical University of Year 1986

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

It’s really an honor to be the consultant of “Zhiyihuimin Chinese Family Doctors Working System” project. I must say, this system is professional and user-friendly!

It brings prevailing international primary care concept in, and localized with experienced professional general practitioners. This can help Chinese primary care physicians realize doing their work standardized and streamlined online. Plus, your global medical education resources provide our local family doctor teams an international vision.

In addition, I’m glad to see that your development team apply Consumer Health Information concept into this system. This will absolutely help primary care doctors engage patients participate in self-health management in China. Hope we can have further professional cooperation projects to closely combine this concept with the clinical practice.

Primary Care Physician with 30 years clinical experiences

International Member of AAFP, Member of WONCA

Our Blog

We share ChaveTech life and our precious entrepreneurial stories here.

How does "Zhiyihuimin online working system" help to solve problems?

Help to improve the standardization and workflow for Chinese primary care physicians’ daily work. Meanwhile, help them to manage their own clinics. Help to improve the accuracy, efficiency and service quality of Chinese primary care physicians’ daily work. Help to provide Chinese primary care physicians (especially in limited medical resources area) an easy way to approach continued medical education. Help to promote the wide acceptance and understanding of “Consumer Health Information” concept in China mainland. Help to promote and make the standardized clinical pathway practicable for the National Health Commission of China. Help the function departments to monitor the primary care healthcare system in a data-driven way.

Brief Intro of ChaveTech
Our team has a high comprehensive quality of compound talents, and partners have both theoretical and practical experience in the computer information system, health care, marketing and customer relationship management, both…
Fun fact about ChaveTech
ChaveTech was formed in Boston on August 4th, 2017. We are a team formed by alumni from Boston University and Northeastern University. As we all known, BU is located on Commonwealth…
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About ChaveTech

Focusing on the Chinese Primary Care industry, empower it with science and technology!​

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About ChaveTech​

Focusing on the Chinese Primary Care industry, empower it with science and technology!​

Where to find us

730 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215​​


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